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Understanding Anxiety


"An anxious brain is not a learning brain"


This workshop will help you understand the anxious student and how their anxiety impacts on learning.

Understanding Trauma


Join us for a fascinating insight into how trauma affects the brain.


Students (and adults) impacted by trauma may show behaviours that are challenging to manage in a school setting. These students may also experience difficulty in learning - academically, socially and emotionally.


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Understanding Yourself and Others


Reduce conflict and improve communication

Do you want your classroom team or centre to work better?


This professional learning is designed for your entire team providing them with insights into each other’s personalities and exploring strategies to increase co-operation and team effectiveness.

Managing Challenging Behaviour, (K-7)



You don't need more behaviour management strategies.


The key to managing challenging behaviour is to understand the function or purpose of the behaviour for the child and  then choose the right strategy. Let us help you make that enormous task slightly easier!

Managing your Classroom Team
(Government Schools)


Do you want to be able to get the best out of your Education Assistants and Class Team?


This professional learning is designed to help you to understand your role as a teacher in leading your classroom  team and give you strategies to do so effectively.

Making a Real Difference.


Education Assistants are a valuable but underutilised resource in schools. This workshop is designed for Education Assistants to help them best use their energy and expertise. Particular focus will be given to working with children with special educational needs.