How effective is your leadership team?


Let me guess, they are great people doing a thankless job. They are super smart and highly skilled but there are times that you just know that they (and YOU!) could be more effective.


Maybe your Deputy is awesome at timetabling but his interpersonal skills need a bit of work.

What about your Head Of Curriculum? She is so knowledgeable, staff love her but she has trouble saying no and she is burning herself out.

Possibly you have an incredible aspirant leader who needs help to build their confidence to have the tough conversations.


Where is all THAT in the AITSL standards?

Nowhere, yet the skills of emotional intelligence, confidence, effective communication and trust underpin the success of everything we do.


So how do we develop great leaders?


The good news is …

You don't need to send these talented people to another conference, workshop or enrol in another degree. They need to put into action what they already know.


Give your leadership team the gift of a skilled and experienced coach who will:

  • Develop personally meaningful professional goals

  • Ask a skilful question to identify areas of strengths as well as the mindsets that are causing an immunity to change

  • Investigate options for action

  • Provide support and accountability throughout the change process and beyond

  • Encourage small steps and celebrate major milestones

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