Business Plan for 2018 - Unhappy staff and out of control kids!

Next year I plan to have unhappy staff, badly behaved students and I intend to lead this unruly lot ineffectively - said NO school Principal ever!

I can bet my life that you have recently written a school plan, or updated an old one that talks about optimal student engagement, high quality teaching and included some quote about leadership excellence that Peter Drucker or Stephen Covey would be proud of.

Management is doing things right. Leadership is doing the right things" Peter Drucker

Your school vision statement talks about excellence and building resilient global citizens through robust, research informed pedagogy ..... blah blah blah.


But, secretly, sometimes, sshhhhh

you don’t believe the school can actually achieve the vision.



There are times when;

* You can see it in your highly performing teams - maybe your collaborative early childhood group who plan together, innovate and share with their networks.

BUT… then there is that teacher who refuses to participate and does her own thing.

* You see it in your learning support teacher, as they expertly reassure both parents and teachers that the young fella with extreme behaviours going to be okay. There are plans in place and we are well trained, we are working as a team.

BUT… then there is that education assistant who thinks they know better and what the child actually needs is just a little more ….

*You see glimpses in your young gun, keen, razor sharp full of knowledge on contemporary educational practice. Her class is doing amazing things and she is an aspiring leader.

BUT…. She rubs the staff up the wrong way because she gets impatient with them.

* You see potential in that young male teacher. He’s great with the kids, they love him and he is happy to kick a footy at lunchtime.

But …. He’s a bit slack with his planning and seems to fly by the seat of his pants.

And then there are the observations, the walk-through's and the performance conversations that you plan to have every week but here is is - fourth term and you have hardly seen some of teachers at all. There just isn’t the time.

Why?? Because managing people is hard! And, guess what ?? The big people are harder to manage than the little people. Wouldn’t life be a great deal simpler if people just did what they were told, the first time!

It would be easier if I just did it myself!

Oh and ... managing yourself is the hardest skill of all, especially if you are already exhausted and don’t have the right tools.

But it's OKAY

There are many small tweaks that you can start thinking about NOW to ensure that 2018 is as successful as your Business Plan promises.

  • What have you written into your school business plan for 2018 about understanding how teams work or even understanding our own working styles and how that impacts on others.

  • How well are your staff trained to have collaborative conversations so that everyone feels safe to talk about the stuff that matters - even when it’s uncomfortable.

  • How will YOU make time to have regular, quality conversations with individuals? Can you give honest feedback, because staff trust you? (even if they don’t always like you!)

  • How will you ensure that there is a consistent positive energy and enthusiasm from all staff across the year because staff are thriving not just surviving?

Most importantly, who do you have supporting YOU to be the best leader you can be? Who is challenging your thinking? Who is listening to your fears and successes? Who is available, right now when you are slogging it through to the end, to rehearse those tough conversations with you and to offer support and guidance? Without judgement or interrupting with their own war stories?

Does your coach or mentor use the results of your 360 degree feedback to help you channel your precious energy into constructive leadership.

Do you invest in yourself the way that you encourage it in others?

How can you make it all happen???

Well, you can read a book, go to a course or Google frantically.

You can talk to a colleague, your spouse or your dog. Or you can just do more of what worked this year. All good ideas- knock yourself out! But is that strategic?

Or ...

You can talk to us about how BEAM Consulting or Positively Beaming can work with you or your school staff achieve any of what we have listed above.

Make a time for a 30 minute discovery call with Jenny today - no obligation, just an opportunity to talk through what's on your mind and find out whether we can be of assistance.

Book your call here

A little about what we do and how to find out more

Short version: Jenny Cole was a school Principal for 12 years before she decided that she was becoming a grumpy, cynical bureaucrat on her way to burn out - so she quit!

She established BEAM Consulting Pty Ltd in 2009 and since then has been supporting schools with students with special needs, challenging behaviour and training of education assistants (amongst a raft of other things!) We also assist busy leaders with performance management and other HR tasks.

BEAM runs public and in-school workshops on a large number of topics which can be found on our website or by giving us a call. We also post regular information on our Facebook page.


Jenny is an accredited coach, having literally thousands of coaching hours under her belt - with school leaders and executives in the corporate sector. She is trained to use a variety of psychometric tools including Lifestyles Inventory (LSI) - which is the 360 degree feedback tool of choice, highly supported by research yet immensely practical tool for leaders and aspirants.

She also loves DiSC and how it can used to understand how to build trust and high performing teams. Importantly it allows leaders to understand how others “tick” helping to work with staff who may be challenging. Jenny employs the language of both tools in her coaching and can assist leadership teams to use it for a range of conversations including performance management and classroom observations.


Jenny has post grad qualifications in Positive Psychology - the science of optimal human functioning which make her the perfect person to design, introduce, support or evaluate well-being programs in your school. Mindfulness, positivity, gratitude and strengths based approaches for leaders, teachers, support workers and students.

Lastly - but we always save the best for last ....

Through her second company Positively Beaming - for Wildly Wonderful Women Jenny is super excited to be able to support professional women, including aspirant and established leaders Click here for information about AWE - Aspirant Leaders Everywhere program or click here to read her awesome blog posts.

Join our Positively Beaming Tribe - a private Facebook Group for Wildly Wonderful Women where we share daily doses of positivity and professional interest articles. Or find us on Instagram

Or email or carrier pigeon!


I was fortunate enough to have had Jenny as my coach during a very difficult period professionally.

She supported me to see my role in what was happening and provided me with the tools and strategies to empower me to grow and develop as a leader. She has also worked with my team who quote her regularly and use skills she has taught them to mentor others.She creates strong workplaces through her coaching and professional knowledge of our sector. Thankyou Jenny

Lisa Bevan

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