The workshops with Jenny are engaging and interactive. The self-reflection tools she uses are really useful for exploring my own responses, and considering my colleagues ways of doing things from a different perspective. I got a huge amount of personal growth out of the sessions with Jenny. I have taken practical strategies for coaching and managing people who like to do things very differently to me, which have improved my practice as a consultant and a leader immensely.


Me at My Best Workshop

Thank you Jenny. Your knowledge and passion for helping people grow professionally is priceless and very much appreciated.

Craig S

Perth Western Australia

Many thanks for a fascinating workshop, Jenny you have given us all a lot of ideas to think about

Wendy, Language Development Teacher

Perth Western Australia

I really liked the way you were genuine and embraced your authenticity. In effect giving ourselves permission to acknowledge and embrace our own personalities and styles when working with our teams.

Lesley, Program Co-Ordinator - Behaviour

Perth Western Australia

Dearest Jenny You are transformational. The Centre is buzzing from todays training session. When can we have you back?

Lisa B, Centre Manager Early Learning Centre

Perth Western Australia

A really useful and exciting PD. Our teachers are “pumped up” and ready to get into it. Thanks for your energy, humour and tailoring your work to suit our needs. 

A Cranley Principal WA

Perth Western Australia

Jenny had a lovely balance of professionalism and humour. She was engaging and informative.

D Page, Deputy Westminster School SA 2013

Perth Western Australia

Jenny I have learnt so so much from you. I meet you in 2001. You had faith in me that sent me on my journey. I will never be able to thank you enough!   There is so much more I want to say. Words are not enough. I know anyone who attends your course will be a better educator and made a great difference to a child/student. That's what we are here for!

Jane Chesson

Previous staff member and workshop participant.

I want to thank you and your co-presenter for presenting a wonderful hands on  real life workshop. The whole day was interactive, interesting and at times very funny. I learnt so much from this PD but the main concept of being able to understand the function or purpose of the behaviour and then choosing the right strategy to modify/change that behaviour was really beneficial.
It was great to be able to share our real life stories and experiences with other Education Assistants and to get some of there ideas that they have used and have had success with was of great benefit. Some of The EA's that I spoke to have had many years of experience working with challenging behaviours and it was great to hear their ideas.

Helen Cooke

Catholic Ed

Jenny presents fabulously. I leave today feeling refreshed and with many exciting ideas. I look forward to putting my ideas into practice.

Jacqueline K

workshop participant.

To have a coach of Jenny’s calibre, expertise and empathy provided me with the confidence to enjoy the journey and recognize the signposts to success as well better understand  the indicators of potential turbulence ahead. Sharing the experiences with a great coach not only mitigated the vulnerability, apprehension and isolation  that at times came to visit me, she correspondingly provided me with the wherewithal to continue confidently along the path to improvement and fulfilment.

Joe B


Jenny is an awesome facilitator. She kept us all on track with humor, enthusiasm and great skill.

Richard L

workshop participant.

I loved this PL session! Time fly's when you are having fun! Thank you Jenny

Stephen J

Perth WA

Jenny is a wonderful presenter with very practical examples. Very approachable​.

T Litas Autism Association 2013

Perth WA

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