Keys to Laying Strong Foundations & Building on Success.

Dr Tim Lewis
Bring your team along to hear Dr Tim Lewis speak about the
Keys to Laying Strong Foundations & Building on Success.


Are you a PBS school who began your journey with great enthusiasm and gusto?

Your team believe in the framework but you are struggling to maintain momentum? Perhaps personnel has changed or school has just got busy.

Maybe the schools behaviour data is not as great as you want it to be and you are wondering what is missing.

Dr Tim Lewis, co-founder of PBS will facilitate this  unique learning opportunity so your team  returns to school with simple strategies to ensure that Positive Behaviour Support continues to thrive.

In this workshop you and your team will

  • reignite your passion 

  • become reacquainted with the PBS foundations

  • assess your schools implementation progress 

  • celebrate success

  • discover ways to maintain momentum

Don't miss this opportunity!!

If you are not a Positive Behaviour School you are very welcome to attend

to prepare for your own schools PBS journey.

Thursday June 8th

Medibank Stadium / Leederville Oval

What is PBS?

PBS is a framework for assisting school personnel in adopting and organizing evidence-based behavioural interventions into an integrated continuum that enhances academic and social behaviour outcomes for all students. 

PBS IS NOT a packaged curriculum, scripted intervention, or manualized strategy. 
PBS IS a prevention-oriented approach for school personnel to 
(a) organize evidence-based practices, 
(b) improve their implementation of those practices, and 
(c) maximize academic and social behaviour outcomes for students. 

PBIS supports the success of ALL students.

Dr Tim Lewis

Dr Tim Lewis directs the University of Missouri Centre for School-wide Positive Behaviour Support, is Co-Director of the national OSEP Centre for Positive Behavioural Interventions and Supports and the IES Centre for Adolescent Research in Schools. He is also Professor of Special Education at the University of Missouri. He is the Assoc Editor of the Journal of Positive Behaviour Interventions and is a member of 13 other editorial boards.

Dr Lewis is a warm and engaging facilitator. His sessions are always focused on the practical. What can schools do to improve their staff support systems, implement practices which really work to improve student behaviour, and use data, not opinion to improve student outcomes? His specialty areas include SW-PBIS implementation for teams, social skill instruction, functional assessment, and proactive school-wide discipline systems.